Purpose of the club

The stated purpose of the Kongsberger Ski Club is to promote cross country skiing, and in particular, racing. The Club is a registered Washington State nonprofit corporation, run by members who are unpaid volunteers.

We depend upon our membership for funds and labor to maintain our facilities and programs.

Skiers interested in joining the club can contact the membership committee.

Brief history

The Club, an offshoot of the Seattle Ski Club, was organized in 1954 by a hearty group of Norwegian ski jumpers, headed by Olav Ulland. They built a jumping hill and a small (8'x8') warming hut. The last jumping meet was held in 1974. With the elimination of ski jumping in our part of the country, our focus is now only on cross country skiing.

Club sponsored races

Usually the Club puts on races three weekends per season: the Gunnar Hagen Memorial in January, the Kongsberger Stampede in February, and the Ozbaldy 50K in March.


Ski trails are located on the north side of Interstate 90, Exit 63 Cabin Creek (SnoPark parking lot, permit required). The trail system is entirely on land owned and managed by the U.S. Forest Service and The Nature Conservancy.

The Cabin Creek Sno-Park ski trails are groomed by a private contractor under contract to the Washington State Parks and Recreation Commission and funded by Sno-Park permit fees. The Club helps maintain the public trails with volunteer labor.


Amabilis pre-season

Contact people

President - Rune Harkestadt

Vice President - Suzanne Corkran

Secretary - Debbie Kolp

Treasurer - Keith Ritland

Webmaster - Keith Ritland